Rhythmic robots, tiny houses, healing leeches: A recap of Session 2 of TEDYouth 2014

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Kenneth Shinozuka and that sock model at TEDYouth. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED Kenneth Shinozuka shows his very cool invention, with the help of a sock model. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED

By Cynthia Betubiza, Ella Dawson and Kate Torgovnick May

Session 2 of TEDYouth 2014 offered talks to rouse the spirit and a few to gross you out. Below, recaps of these fascinating talks.

Want to watch for yourself? The live webcast of TEDYouth — in English, Spanish and Arabic — will be available for free playback until 5pm Eastern on Tuesday, November 18.

Robots with rhythm. Nothing adds to a musical crescendo more than a skillful improvisation. Gil Weinberg, an engineer and musician from Georgia Tech, brings this creativity to new heights. He builds musically intelligent robots that can improvise along with humans. This technology isn’t just about amusing audiences—Weinberg shows us robots that play rhythms impossible for humans. “We could be musical cyborgs,” he says, showing a clip of a drummer with a prosthetic limb who…

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